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Radiation Detected
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  • Almost twice the sensitivity of standard microR meters at about 1/8th the size
  • Intended for finding concealed sources of radiation
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  • Small enough to fit in the smallest pocket
  • High sensitivity to Gamma Radiation (about 25 times better than a similarly sized Geiger Mueller tube based instrument)
  • Intended to be routinely carried by personnel
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  • Smaller, more rugged and more cost effective than pancake Geiger-Mueller tube based instruments
  • Wider measurement range than pancakes, making it more suitable for use in emergency situations
  • Intended for use in areas that could be affected by radioactive contamination or fallout
Alpha,Beta, Gamma
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  • Small, Lightweight Design
  • Removable, Telescoping Adjustable Angle Handle
  • Facilitates Floor Scanning and Frisking
  • Employs Standard 15.51 cm2 GM Pancake Detector
Alpha,Beta, Gamma
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